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Dr. Joseph F. Faust

Dr. Joseph F. Faust

Dr. Faust graduated Cum Laude from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio.  He then went on to graduate from Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis, Indiana where he also completed his Ophthalmology Residency program.  After completing his residency, Dr. Faust became board certified by the American Academy of Ophthalmology in 1982 and has remained board certified for 36 years.

Dr. Faust founded and was the sole owner of and was the Medical Director of The Faust Eye Center and of The Outpatient Surgery Center of Indiana. Early in his career, Dr. Faust decide to share his knowledge and expertise in Ophthalmology with other eye doctors. In 1991, he was appointed as an Adjunct Clinical Professor at Indiana University to be able to formally teach students at Indiana University in diseases of the eye. He established not only an internship program where the students spent 3 months in training with Dr. Faust, but he also established the first Private 1 year External Disease Residency Program in the State of Indiana for graduate Optometrists. In all, Dr. Faust trained over 100 eye doctors at his facility in Indiana, greatly contributing to the training of eye doctors that treat the visual health of the citizens of Indiana.

In 1998 Dr. Faust began performing PRK and LASIK procedures. He decided to concentrate on these new refractive procedures so he moved to Florida where there was greater demand for these surgeries.

Dr. Faust has treated diabetic and macular degeneration and retinal vein occlusion with laser treatments as early as 1983. With the new treatments for these patients now available with intravitreal medicines, Dr. Faust has decided to direct his focus to using these new treatment modalities to treat Medical Retina Patients. We feel fortunate to be able to announce that Dr. Faust will continue with the Medical Retina work Dr. Breno Lima began at Bowden Eye before his untimely passing last year. Dr. Faust will also be diagnosing and treating patients with Glaucoma requiring medical and laser treatment. In addition, Dr. Faust will bring his incredible wealth of knowledge in eyecare here to consult and treat patients with general eye conditions.

Dr. Faust spends much of his free time enjoying family activities with his 11 children. He is a certified PADI scuba diver and he is also an accomplished avid golfer. Dr. Faust has a lifelong passion for Sports  as a participant and also as a spectator. He is a raving St Louis Cardinals fan and a huge Jacksonville Jaguars fan.