What is a Cataract? featured image

What is a Cataract?

A cataract is the clouding of the eye’s natural lens. As this normally clear lens gets cloudy, it decreases your ability to see well. A…


October 28, 2018

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The Effects of High Blood Pressure on Your Eyes featured image

The Effects of High Blood Pressure on Your Eyes

High blood pressure can be very harmful to the body, causing heart and kidney problems among other issues. If untreated, high blood pressure can also…


October 21, 2018

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How to Detect Eyesight Problems Early On featured image

How to Detect Eyesight Problems Early On

Eyesight problem is a broad term used to describe any imperfection in the ability to see. It can refer to a variety of vision issues.


October 14, 2018

The Basics of LASIK featured image

The Basics of LASIK

LASIK is a type of eye surgery that uses a laser to reshape your inner cornea to improve your vision by enabling light to properly…


October 7, 2018

Floaters and Flashes featured image

Floaters and Flashes

Have you ever spotted a small speck, dot or squiggle floating in the air, only to have it flit away when you tried to look…


September 30, 2018

What is Macular Edema? featured image

What is Macular Edema?

Macular edema is a swelling or thickening of the eye’s macula, the part of the eye responsible for detailed, central vision. The macula is a…


September 23, 2018

Choosing an Eye Doctor featured image

Choosing an Eye Doctor

Choosing an eye doctor is an important step toward taking care of your eyes and vision. Eye doctors help to protect your precious sense of…


September 16, 2018

What is Macular Disease? featured image

What is Macular Disease?

Macular disease is any disease or degeneration of cells in the macula of the eye. The macula is the center part of the retina which…


September 9, 2018

What Are the Risks of LASIK? featured image

What Are the Risks of LASIK?

Most LASIK patients are highly satisfied with the results of their refractive surgery. However, like any other medical procedure, there are certain risks to be…


September 2, 2018

Itchy Eyes featured image

Itchy Eyes

Itchy eyes can be annoying and frustrating. Whether it’s due to allergies, an illness or something else, it can be bothersome to say the least.


August 26, 2018