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What Are Cataracts?

Cataracts are the result of the gradual build-up of natural proteins in your eye. Over time these protein deposits can grow in size and opacity, making your vision increasingly cloudy or dull because light entering the eyes is filtered or blocked from reaching the retina. You need a transparent lens to see clearly.

It is possible to live with cataracts for years without them seriously affecting your vision. However, they can lead to blindness in some patients if left untreated.
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Symptoms of Cataracts

  • Blurred nighttime or driving vision
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Halos around light
  • Change in glasses prescription and/or distorted images
  • Needing more light to read

Diagram of a cataract

Early detection of cataracts can be done through an exam with Dr. Frank W. Bowden, III, Dr. Sarah Darbandi, Dr. Kevin Cronin, or any of our optometrists, who will determine the presence and the extent of a cataract. In the early stages, we may be able to temporarily alleviate the effects of cataracts and improve your vision with prescription lenses. However, cataracts may continue to advance, leaving surgery as the only option to restore your vision.

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