At no charge to you, our patient, a comprehensive hearing test and evaluation is available to every patient of our Jacksonville, FL, center, as well as their family members, to ensure they are receiving the best medical care possible for both their vision and hearing health.

Hearing loss affects 31.5 million Americans of all ages. According to the National Institutes on Health, one-third of those Americans are aged 65-75, and 9 million are Baby Boomers between the ages of 45-64. Did you know that 80% of hearing impaired adults have not seen an audiologist and are undiagnosed and untreated?

At our Jacksonville, FL, center, we remind patients that hearing loss is a very slow and gradual process. If you have any hearing loss you may not even recognize it. Your family, friends, or coworkers may start to point it out to you, politely at first but then may become annoyed with your “selective hearing.” They may start to joke about your loss, which can be embarrassing and hurtful, but as time passes frustration can grow. Often times, the joking turns to anger, especially if your hearing loss creates misunderstandings or your loved one tires of having to repeat everything for you. While they may be upset with your hearing loss, they are probably more disheartened that you won’t do anything about it. And of course, you are aggravated with your constant struggle to hear and understand.

A good hearing aid is a bridge to the world around you. It gives you back your independence – you are no longer forced to ask people to repeat themselves, you eliminate those feelings of isolation because you missed the conversation, you can safely drive your car, and you can hear on the telephone again. These simple pleasures are taken for granted until they become a struggle.

If your hearing evaluation comes back with hearing loss, Roberto Cabrera, HAS, our Hearing Specialist, can review your options with you. Today the hearing aids available in our Jacksonville, FL, centers are much smaller than hearing aids were just a couple of years ago. They use advanced digital technology to quickly process sounds to filter out unwanted background noise while enhancing speech clarity.

Multiple memory settings are available to make transitioning between different listening environments easier and more effective. These settings can be either fully automatic or accessed manually with the simple press of a button.

If your hearing evaluation revealed that you are experiencing hearing loss, and a hearing aid may help, we will guide you through the maze of hearing aid choices and styles, assisting you in choosing the best instrument for your loss, lifestyle, and budget.

Bowden Eye & Associates is proud to offer our patients complementary, comprehensive hearing evaluations in Jacksonville. If you’re suffering from hearing loss, schedule a free hearing consultation today with Hearing Specialist Roberto Cabrera.

Complimentary Hearing Evaluation in Jacksonville

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