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An important part of maintaining good health is maintaining good eye health.

If you’re an adult, that means a yearly check up with an optometrist or ophthalmologist to check for changes in vision acuity, to keep prescriptions current, and to examine for early signs of disease.

For children an exam once a year is essential because good vision plays such a key role in a child’s success in school and overall development.

At Bowden Eye & Associates our team of certified Optometrist completes your yearly comprehensive exams. At your yearly eye exam we will check:

  • to determine if you need glasses or contact lenses, or to see if a vision correction surgery such as LASIK  could correct your vision.
  • for early signs of glaucoma by testing the intraocular pressure of your eyes.
  • for damage to the retina, such as tears, detachment or macular degeneration, that might affect your vision.
  • to see if cataracts are forming over the lenses of your eyes.
  • the moisture level of your eye to ensure you are not prone to Dry Eye Syndrome.

After your exam, our Optometrist will be happy to discuss their findings, talk over any issues or concerns you may have and answer questions about available treatments. Should you need contacts or glasses, your doctor will discuss what will work best with your lifestyle needs. We have three optical shops that offer a wide selection of frames for glasses, including many name brands and a variety of disposable and specialty contact lenses.

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