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Intacs® Corneal Implants for Keratoconus

The purpose of the Intacs® procedure is to flatten out the cone-like shape in the patient’s cornea enabling them to achieve clearer vision when wearing glasses or comfortably wear contact lenses. This choice is utilized for those patients who are unable to tolerate contact lenses and as a step in preventing or delaying a corneal transplant. Intacs is also a less invasive option for a patient with keratoconus.

Keratoconus is a corneal disease that creates a thinning of the tissue. As the outermost layers of the eye get thinned, normal pressure within the eye causes the tissue to slowly bulge forward into a cone-like shape. This steepening causes a decrease in vision. As this process progresses the vision may further deteriorate. Keratoconus rarely leads to blindness; however, it may cause daily activities to be harder to perform. The cause of keratoconus is unknown, however it is believed to be genetically acquired and environmental factors such as allergens and the rubbing of the eyes may exacerbate the situation. In most cases, the changes in the cornea due to keratoconus begin in the teen years and stabilize at about 30 years of age. Patients are almost always left highly nearsighted with astigmatism.

How do the Intacs work?

The purpose of this procedure is to improve vision and to allow patients to more comfortably wear contacts or glasses. The implants, which look like a letter C, reshape the tissue thereby adding support to the thinning area thus preventing or decreasing the bulging of the cornea. With the implants in position, a more normal surface of the eye is created allowing the patient to have better vision and an easier fit for contacts.

Imagine your cornea as a tent with a curved top. If you push out the sides of the tent, the top flattens. Similarly, when Intacs corneal implants are placed in the sides of the cornea, they flatten it just enough to correct myopia.

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